Natural Dye Workshop

Natural Dye Workshop


A one-day introduction to the concepts and practices of natural dyeing.

Date: Saturday, September 22
Time: 10:00am–4:00pm
Location: The Karma Bird House in Burlington, Vermont
Capacity: 20

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We will start the day off with a brief history of how different cultures have used natural dyes in the past and how contemporary dyers continue to use them today in an effort to minimize environmental impact and encourage a healthier and more holistic approach to textile design.  We will give an overview of how different fabrics take dye and the various types of natural dyes, mordants and processes you can use to achieve a wide spectrum of color.

We will spend the remainder of the day experimenting with several dye baths, including food waste vats using avocado pits and red onion skins, an indigo vat, and a vat made with Mexican cochineal bugs. We will also teach basic shibori techniques and explore hand painting with our natural dyes.

Each participant in the workshop will receive:

  • A recycled t-shirt and a pair of organic cotton socks to dye.

  • Various fabric samples (cotton, linen, silk) to experiment with.

  • A booklet of information from the class (types of fabric that take natural dye, descriptions of various mordants, detailed instructions on how to prepare, use and dispose of dye baths, shibori techniques, etc.).

All materials will be provided, but you are more than welcome to bring your own cotton, linen, or silk fabric or clothing to play with as well.

Please note! Maglianero Cafe will be open for coffee and snacks during the workshop, but feel free to bring your own bagged lunch!